Sunday, 28 October 2012

Filipina Caregivers are Sеx Slavеs for Canadian Seniors

Disclaimer: this article might make you depressed and lose hope in humanity. I included something to lift the spirit at the end!

First of all this entry is not some out of control aspect of my imagination, this entry grounded in reality. How often do you see a young Filipina caregiver with some old wrinkled senior about to kick the bucket? Do you think their relationship is solely professional? Let me tell of you of a discussion I had with a Filipina who works in the industry during my flight to the Germany.

This summer finally managed to get the time and throwaway cash to visit my relatives in my partial historic homeland, Ukraine (the topic of 2nd generation immigrants will be explored later, too many gold nuggets there to describe them all here). Transfer through Frankfurt, OK. Got a seat next to two ladies, a Filipino and a Russian. Eventually they start to chat amongst each other, I listen in, the Filipina is very talkative. Turns out they both take care of seniors here in Canada, will try to summarize the Filipina’s experience below:

Came to Canada on an agreement, tied to one company. Working 6 days/week, practically no breaks, full day caregiver work. Cooking, cleaning, watching them take their meds. First assigned to some 90 yrs old, senile guy of Georgian/Jewish/Georgian-Jew descent, she never figured it out. His son is a cop (the kicker is coming later), wants nothing to do with daddy. On the very first day told her he loved her, tried to snuggle up to her, was attempting to kiss her arm. Barely got him to stop by threatening him with his walking stick. As time goes the senile fuck is coming onto her stronger and stronger. One morning wouldn’t eat till she promised him she’ll sleep with him that night. Told me she did that cause he’s so senile he wouldn’t remember what you tell him five minutes later. That night, he did remember (she stays over at his apartment to monitor the guy). Imagine that, you’re sleeping after a hard days, ungrateful work when some 250lb shit plops at you. That’s what she felt. Pushed him off, the guy falls on the ground, isn’t moving. Thought she killed him.

                                         There is no stopping horny old men!

Eventually he gets up, and starts “chasing” her all over his apartment. Remember, its dark as fuck, she didn’t turn on the lights. The whole night she spent crawling from under table to table as he was poking under with his walking stick trying to get her out.

She told us she did talk to the old fuck’s son afterwards, and guess what – he paid her $250 for her additional “help and troubles”, and that was that. Bravo copper! Not that I realistically would expect him to take any action against his own father, but still. To be honest, I was chuckling when I listened to her story, but imagine the fear she felt.... Maybe the title “Filipina Caregivers are Sеx Slavеs for Canadian Seniors” is a bit exaggerated, but it is not a longshot extrapolation from this incident. Things like these are rarely discussed and more often than not sweeped under the carpet since they don’t have equal rights and protections. Modern day slavеry. When I get a bit more time, I’ll write an entry concerning different immigrant groups, and their overall treatment by this society, since being on both sides of the fence, I am quite qualified to write on that topic.

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  1. I don't see what's wrong with sex for pleasure or work or money. As long as it's consensual, if a money changes hands, who cares. Actually the only one who should care is the tax man. All these do-gooders are hypocrites. The key is know and agree to expectations of the job. If I hire a girl from this or another country and sex is part of the job, the only person who should object is the person being considered for the job. People are way too uptight and stupid about the sex trade