Saturday, 22 June 2013

Yorkville St - Toronto nightlife doesn't get any more pretentious than this

I know I haven't blogged for a while, been busy with a side project I'm currently working on. The good thing is that after half a year of work I'm finally seeing some returns on it, and if I'm lucky its going to be my path to financial freedom.

As you might know yesterday was the last Friday Night Live at ROM this year. Decided might as well walk out my girl and see whats it about. The line was enormous but eventually we got in. The educational value of ROM to me was nill, but overall, I liked the pseudo-educational experience, rum-and-coke certainly helps absorb the works of the times past. A few people from the 30s crowd, but lots of hot, classy tail as well, just the way I like it (sadly I could only be a passive observer for the night). Mostly white and asian chicks, a few indian girls were present as well. Multiple pairs/triplets of girls, perfect if you know how to work that. Last call was at 11pm, and after that its pretty much time to roll out so we decided to hop to another joint.

Walked up to yorkville st to look for a restaurant/club to spend the rest of the night with my girl, and holy crap I was blown away. First of all, in all my years enjoying Toronto nightlife (since 2007 that is), I've never been on this street. The only reason we went here was because it was walking distance to the ROM. This place has the highest correlation of pretentious douches (its envy talking, I still love you mfkers :)) and sluts in Toronto. The guy in a maserati shouting YOLO to sluts on the sidewalk really took the prize (they actually responded positively...and yours truly can assure you a maserati is not necessary for a positive reaction in that approach, a newish 600 series bimmer can suffice). No holds barred, this place is the biggest collection of ballers (the true ballers, not the budget ones) I've seen, any self respecting and decent looking gold digger needs to add this hood to her map.

Had a glass of wine at Ciao, overall, great place, and not "too" overpriced. This is my drunk self judging so your experience will vary. To conclude - if you don't have a bottom-less wallet, and want less competition party on Bloor between Bathurst and Spadina, or roll to King St West. Younger and more gullible girls means higher chances for you to score.

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